Mature Nancy's Contact / Booking: 39 year old Bangkok escort.


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MOST common questions can be answered at this site so please take a moment to look around before contacting me as I get more emails than I can easily answer. If you want to make a booking just complete the booking form, no need to contact me first unless you want to check if I am available.

Nancy is independent, but part of a cooperative of friends which helps her obtain and manage her bookings and emails. It's recommended that you just contact Ming to ask questions as you'll probably get a faster and better response in English.

Escort: Nancy

Booking Assistant: Ming

Emails & Booking Forms are only checked and answered between 12:00 noon - 22:00 (10:00 PM).

Booking Request

This Booking Form is ONLY to be used to request a meeting, not to request more information. If I accept this booking request, there is a cancelation fee if you later cancel for ANY reason.

Booking Requests for meeting tonight are finished. You can still complete the form for tomorrow or another day.

VIP clients can contact us and ask if we'll accept your booking for tonight.

* are required fields.

VIPs can use the booking form inside the VIP area to book further in advance than is listed above. Non VIPs are limited to no more than about 1 month in advance.

VIP & Repeat clients should access this page from the VIP area for a shorter form with VIP Rates if available.

Lowest Rates Guaranteed: This is my one and only Official site and as such you will find my rates listed here lower than anywhere else. If you find me listed at any other site for less, I will match that price and take off an additional 500 baht. To claim this offer, just complete my booking form as normal and select my listed rates as you normally would do since my form will require that and I'll know exactly how long you want to book me for. Then in the Message field, make sure to include the exact URL of where you saw me listed lower and if it's a real ad, I'll match the rate plus 500 baht less. You can also email me a screen capture if unable to provide a URL, but a URL is best. Warning: It must be a real ad, and must be me. I also must be able to verify this easily by loading the exact URL you provide or a detailed and recent screen capture.

Please select Repeat Client even if you have not seen me but you have seen one of my friends on my Friend's page:*

If Repeat Client is selected above, we would prefer you access this booking form from inside the VIP area instead. If you are a repeat client and don't have VIP access, just contact us and request. We will generally set you up within a few minutes.

If New Client but you already Paid a deposit to become a VIP client is selected above, we would prefer you access this booking form from inside the VIP area instead. If you paid a deposit for VIP status, you should have already received access to the VIP area.
If solo Male is selected above, ONLY you and the escort are allowed in the hotel room during activities. If ANYONE else will be in the room, you must indicate so in the Message area of this form.



By submitting this form, you are confirming your agreement to enter into a contract to meet me if I am available and if I accept your Booking Request and agree to everything you have requested.

We would prefer you wait until you are 100% sure about this booking rather than waste our valuable time and interfer with other potential bookings. Therefore there is a STRICT 1,000 baht Cancellation Fee if we confirm your booking and you cancel for any reason after you submit this form. Doesn't matter if you cancel 1 month or 1 day in advance--if you submit this form you are agreeing to pay a cancelation regardless of how much advance notice you give us. However, an additional 1,000 baht cancelation fee (2,000 total) if you fail to notify us that you are canceling (failure to send room # before the meeting time or failure to meet the girl at the scheduled time is considered a last minute cancelation obviously) or if you cancel less than 1 hour before the meeting time. Cancelation fees are due within 24 hours upon canceling. If you don't agree with this, simple DO NOT hit submit below.

Failure to send the agreed upon cancelation fee will get you added to the international Bad Johns List which, among many other things, will prevent you from making a booking with any of the girls listed in the future. Addition to this list is guaranteed to take place no less than 7 days from the cancelation without additional warning if cancelation fee is not paid.

Requests for pictures or additional information should be made BEFORE you submit this booking form not after since sending this form is your confirmation to enter into a contact to meet.

Only repeat clients & VIP clients (currently 2,930 active VIP clients) are exempt from any potential cancellation fees. You might consider joining our VIP Program if you are a new client and would like to be exempt from cancelation fees--or just WAIT until you are 100% sure about this booking before you hit the Send button below.

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Mature Nancy's Contact / Booking: 39 year old Bangkok escort.

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